Silly little rugs for your silly little life

Quality hand tufted pieces of art for your home

Whether it’s pop-culture, social media, Instagram fame or a deep love of spirituality, sass, frogs, cats, or dogs, we all have something that sets us apart from our peers, or makes us feel engaged in a community of like-minded souls.
Putting this passion into rug form is a unique way to celebrate it. We need to be proud of our uniqueness as well as our sameness. OopsieDaisy can bring these unique passions to the 3D, creating a wonderfully custom gift (for yourself or a loved one), that literally no one else on the planet will have.
All rugs are hand-made and all just a little different from the one before, even if it’s an ‘off-the-shelf’ style. We love quirks and want to help celebrate yours. We can create any size and will work with you to create the rug of your dreams – whether it’s your design or ours!