Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between wool and acrylic rugs? Wool rugs are made from 100% New Zealand wool. In the long run, wool lasts longer and is better for pieces that are in heavy foot traffic. Acrylic yarn is made from acrylic fibres. Although wool lasts longer, Acrylic yarn comes in a wider variety of colours. I often use a combination of wool and acrylic yarn for the best of both worlds! Will Oopsie Daisy be able to make the whole rug in wool or acrylic yarn if I ask for it? We will do our best to source the colours you need in the yarn type you need. If we can’t source an unusual colour in a specific yarn, you’ll be given the option to have a different type used or to wait for the appropriate yarn type and colour to be sourced. Can Oopsie Daisy make a rug using my own supplied wool? There are makers of artisan wool and those with a whole lot of yarn that has been lying around or gifted or inherited. We can make use of this wool in the design if sufficient wool has been supplied. Contact us for more information. Can I hang my rug on the wall? OF COURSE! Tufted pieces are versatile, and can be used as a wall hanging or art piece for your home. Wall hangings are generally made without a fabric backing, so when making an order, let me know of any special requests. How do I take care of my new rug? It’s important to keep your new little rug as fresh as a daisy! here are some tips to help it last the distance:
  • Vacuum on the lowest setting. Be gentle with your rug, high suction will pull out strands!
  • Avoid contact with water. Glue holds your rug together, water can weaken the bond.
  • Use a lint roller to prevent dust build-up, this will keep your rug looking brand new and remove sprouting strands.
I’ve got a sick idea, how can I order a custom rug? You do? I can’t wait to hear about it (; You can order and pay for the size you need and we’ll contact you via the phone/email details you provide in the order process to discuss your needs. We’ll confirm the design by email before anything gets committed to rug form, so you know exactly what to expect. Order custom designed rugs here.